Dec 1969

Beginning again.

A blog wasn’t very useful before. I’ve been using Posterous for a while, just to stick things online. (I’d highly recommend that service.) But life has changed a bit, and the folks I counted on for meaningful discussion are farther away than they were before, and there are other important folks that I haven’t met yet. I feel like this is an important thing to get up and running.

I expect to typically talk about current projects outside of work, general discoveries and ramblings, all typically centered on Flash and ActionScript. I’ll be opinionated but not very personal. And hopefully, as I get used to WordPress, I’ll set up some lessons or video tutorials to help people get a grip on the Flash platform, or what have you.

For now, I’m bringing over some thoughts I’ve put on Posterous in the past, and just generally checking the rigging. It’ll take a while to make this site what I want it to be, so until then, a little patience please.

Thanks for dropping by.

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