Jeremy Sachs is a game developer based in San Francisco. His programming experience has grown from a hobby to a profession; to his fortune, he does for a living what he already does for kicks. He looks for opportunities wherever he can to teach what he knows to other people.

Using the online handle ‘Rezmason’, Jeremy’s left a long trail of breadcrumbs leading from place to place. Nowadays he’s more likely to post his ideas here, in a central location, where it’s easy to direct others and to update outdated information.

Jeremy has umpteen projects on the back-burner at any given time, and most of them are collaborative. Chances are you’ve seen some of them already; if you’re interested in working on or with anything, you’re encouraged to get in touch!

Everything posted on this site that is not served by someone else (ie., not embedded YouTube content) is yours to download. That includes source code, but be sure to read it for any remarks about use or accreditation. There’s no guarantee that anything will work the way you want it to, or that it’s safe to use. If you’re going to reprint anything on this site, make sure you mention the source, buddy.

Jeremy has a unique sense of humor.